Q: Do you buy gold from the public?

A: No.  KML only purchases legally obtained gold from registered businesses with the proper permits and documentation.

Q: What kind of precious metals material do you buy?

A: We purchase gold, silver, and platinum. The material can be in scrap form, bars or grains.

Q: When may I expect payment for my metal?

A: KML pays the same day that the metal is received in our office in Downtown Miami.

Q: Can I watch my material be processed on site?

A: Yes. Our office is equipped with viewing areas throughout the entire intake process.

Q: Do you pay in cash?

A: No. KML does not deal in cash transactions. Payments are only issued through wire transfer or by check.

Q: What percentage do you pay?

A: Depending on the volume and frequency of the deliveries, KML offers competitive market pricing.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: KML prides itself on conducting transparent transactions. Any costs associated with our services are fully disclosed and agreed upon before the start of business.

Q: Do you pay the international gold spot price?

A: Yes. We employ a mechanism that links us directly to gold banks which can provide quotes with up-to-the-second prices.

Q: What kind of fixing mechanisms do you employ?

A: We may quote prices via telephone or Skype at the client’s discretion.

Q: What are the minimum/maximum quantities KML can receive?

A: There is no set minimum or maximum. We possess the liquid capital to absorb any quantity of precious metals.

Q: How long does it take to open an account with KML?

A: Once the proper documentation has been submitted to our compliance department, the approval process usually takes 5 business days. At times it may take longer depending on the amount of enhanced due diligence needed.

Q: What documentation do I need to open an account?

A: Documentation to verify that your business entityisduly registered, has an active status,and holds the proper permits to conduct business in this industry. In addition, documentation detailing and attesting to the origin and legality of the mineral as well as a list of company shareholders and legible/valid copies of their government-issued IDs.These documents are required and are non-negotiable for opening an account with Kaloti Metals & Logistics.  

Q: Do you buy precious metals originating from Africa?

A: No. We do not currently accept precious metals from Africa.

Q: How is the gold assayed for purity?

A: Preliminary analyses are taken using XRF technology. Later, proof-corrected fire assays are performed to determine the final purity.

Q: Do you provide logistics support for your international suppliers?

A: Yes. We work very closely with a number of logistics providers and can offer clients competitive rates for door-to-door service.

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